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Master Licence Agreement – Chinese


本“主许可协议”(“主许可协议") by Stats Perform (as identified in any Work Order signed by the Parties) and Licensee (as identified in any Work Order signed by the Parties)。This Master License Agreement shall commence on the effective date of the Work Order signed by Stats Perform and Licensee by reference to this Master License Agreement (生效日期”)。In the event of any conflict between this Master License Agreement and any Work Order, the work Order shall prevail。Stats Perform and each of Licensee shall be referred to in this Agreement as当事方”或


  • 定义
    • 在本“协议”中,下列术语具有所述“工作指令单”的相关节段给予的含义:
术语 节段
许可材料 3A
互联网 4
许可平台 4
移动电话 4
准许语文 4
准许服务 4
准许使用 4
Television 4
地区 4


  • 在本“协议”中,下列术语应具有以下含义:
  • 关联方”(Affiliate(s)) means an entity controlled directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries or controlled directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries or jointly controlled with a party。
  • 协议”(Agreement)应统指本“主许可协议”以及已由参考本


  • 适用法律”(Applicable Laws) refer to issued from time to time, supplement or amend any international, national, federal, state, province, region and earthly, local or other laws, rules, regulations, explanatory documents, and any other competent government officially released, decrees, orders and regulations (including on the certificate, certificate, license and approval of any requirement),Including the laws that directly or indirectly apply to the delivery or receipt of licensed Materials under this Master License Agreement。
  • 投注实体”(Betting Entity) shall mean individuals or entities involved in betting activities, including but not limited to betting operators, casinos and sports betting companies。
  • 投注活动”(Betting Activity) shall mean and include a means or platform for placing or offering bets, receiving bets or settling bets based on the results of an event, including but not limited to sporting events or competitions。为了避免任何疑问,本“协议”及任何“工作指令单”之下授权的

"Fantasy Sports Activities" should not be considered "betting Activities"。

  • 商业化活动”(Commercialization Activity) means any advertising, sponsorship, promotion, or other endorsement activity or content appearing with, around, or in connection with any Licensed Material。
  • 控制”(Control) means the right of one individual or entity, or of two or more individuals and/or entities acting in concert (directly or indirectly) to have the affairs of another individual handled at the will of the first。
  • 数据”(Data)是指在“许可材料”内提供的、与特定体育赛事有关的任何数据。
  • 数据权利控制者”(Data Rights Controller) means any right holder, agency or other person involved in the control, administration or development of rights in or in any game or tournament。

(j) “数据保护法律”(Data Protection Legislation)应指“欧盟数据保护通用条例 2016/279General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

2016/279)(“GDPR), European Parliament Directive 2002/58/EC and/or any other data protection law applicable to the Parties,And any laws and/or regulations that enforce, or are made pursuant to, these data protection laws,Or any laws and/or regulations which from time to time amend, supersede, re-enact or consolidate any of these data protection laws。

  • 直接使用许可”(Direct Use License)是指为了使用某些“许可材料”而来自第三方的附加许可。
  • 不可抗力事件”(Event of Force Majeure)是指任何超出一“当事方”合理控制范围的原因,包括但不限于:任何天灾;战争;劳工行动;政府行为;恐怖主义或恐怖主义威胁;硬件、电力或通讯故障;火灾;水灾;爆炸;禁令或判决。
  • 梦幻体育顾客”(Fantasy Sports Customer)是指出于此中定义的


  • 梦幻体育活动”(Fantasy Sports Activity(ies))是指并包括任何带入场费的梦幻或模拟活动或比赛,其中一参与者拥有或管理一虚构团队,与其他参与者或一目标得分展开竞争,以期获得一预先确定的奖品,其结果反映诸参与者的相关技能,并由参与实际竞赛或田径项目的实际个人的表现产的vip威尼斯登录入口确定,Provided that the stated results should not be based solely on the performance of individual track and field athletes, or on scores, point differences, or any performance of any real team or combination of real teams。
  • 梦幻体育批准”(Fantasy Sports Approvals) means any and all necessary approvals, authorizations, permits, permits, consents, fitness determinations, registrations, permits, releases and waivers from or from any Fantasy Sports Governing Authority,包括但不限于那些与“梦幻体育活动”的提供或进行有关者,或那些与直接或间接地得自“梦幻体育活动”的收益的接收或收益的参与有关者。
  • 梦幻体育主管机构”(Fantasy Sports Authority) means and includes any existing regulatory or administrative agency, agency, commission, board or unit of international, national, federal, state, provincial, territorial, or local government, as well as any official responsible for or involved in the regulation of Fantasy sports。
  • 梦幻体育法律”(Fantasy Sports Laws) means and includes all federal, state, local and provincial laws, judgments, ordinances, orders, ordinances and regulations applicable to Licensee (whether Licensee is directly or indirectly engaged in fantasy sports activities),包括但不限于那些与“梦幻体育活动”的提供或进行有关者。
  • 费用”(FeesMeans all fees to be paid by Licensee under this Agreement, as set forth in each applicable Work Order。
  • 政府主管机构”(Governmental Authority) refers to this in any way for the implementation of the "master license agreement" (MLA) have any aspect of the jurisdiction of any international, national, federal, state, province, region, territory or local legislative, administrative and judicial institutions or other government council, department, agency, authority, commission, management agencies, the courts, the competent agency or other units,或其从属政治单位,或其任何官员。
  • 知识产权”(Intellectual Property Rights) means all copyright and other intellectual property rights whatsoever and in any media (whether or not registered or able to register),包括遍及全世界的专利、商标、服务标记、商号、域名、设计权、数据库权利,以及任何保护或注册这些权利的申请及这样的权利的所有更新、恢复及延期。
  • 许可材料”(Licensed MaterialsCollectively means proprietary data, information and/or Services described in a Work Order that has been executed by the Parties during the Term, including all intellectual Property Rights therein (including any modifications thereto), unless otherwise stated in a Work Order。
  • 正式提供商”(Official Provider) means a third party with which a "Data Rights Controller" enters into an exclusive arrangement for the collection and/or supply of content derived from an event


  • 处理”(Processing)应具有“数据保护法律”赋予的含义,而术语“处理程序”(Processes)应据此解释。
  • “重新发音”(Re-voicing)是指任何“重新发音”(即:更改…的音频)、配音或添加字幕。
  • 期限”(Term)应具有“段落 2”中阐述的含义。
  • 第三方开发者”(Third Party Developer)(如适用)是指除了 “被许可方”之外的一实体(或多个实体),所述实体已经受“被许可方” 聘请来代表“被许可方”执行开发服务,The services relate only to the rights hereby granted to Licensee and are used only for Licensee's internal business purposes,而且在这样的开发工作期间,“第三方开发者”将可存取“许可材料”的任何部份,Provided that such entity (or entities) have received prior written approval from Stats Perform。
  • 工作指令单”(Work Order) means any instruction document signed by the Parties and bound by the terms of this Agreement (which may be named工作指令单”或“指令表Stats Perform license Materials licensed to Licensee。


  • 初始期限”。The term of this Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and shall remain in full force and effect until all terms set forth in the Work Order have expired or have been terminated。
  • 续期期限”。If this Agreement is automatically renewed as set forth in the Work Order, the agreement shall be automatically renewed at the初始期限(as stated in each Work Order), the applicable Work Order shall be automatically renewed for an additional period of (1) years (each year shall be called one"续期期限”),除非任何“当事方”就其不续期的打算书面通知另一 “当事方”(“不续期通知”)。The Non-renewal notice, if applicable, must be delivered to the other Party at least ninety (90) days prior to the end of the current Work Order Initial Period or the Renewal Period。如果任何“当事方”向另一“当事方”提供所述

"Non-renewal notice", the work Order shall terminate at 11:59 p.m. current local time on the last day of the current Initial period or Renewal Period。The Initial Period of the Work Order and each renewal Period, if applicable, shall collectively be deemed to be applicable to the work Order期限”。In no event shall licensee's failure to use licensed Materials affect the beginning or duration of the term or the payment obligations of Licensee as set forth in this Agreement。


  • 初始期限许可费”。In consideration for licensed Materials to be licensed to Licensee by Stats Perform pursuant to this Agreement, Licensee agrees to pay the applicable Fees set forth in the Work Order during the Initial Term (初始期限许可费”)。

Stats Perform 可为所述“费用”开具一张或多张发票。

  • 续期期限费用”。If a Work Order is renewed and a Renewal Term is to be licensed by Stats Perform to Licensee in accordance with such Work Order

For the Consideration of Licensed Materials, Licensee shall pay Stats Perform an annual Fee during each Renewal Period (each annual Fee is referred to as续期期限许可费The Renewal Term License Fee is fifteen percent (15%) more than the Fee for each twelve (12) month period prior to the commencement of each Renewal Term。The Renewal Term License Fee, if applicable, shall be due and paid to Stats Perform on the applicable due date and installment amount stated in the Work Order。

  • 逾期付款”。任何逾期付款应按相等于(i)每月百分之四(4%)或


  • 应用程序接口(API)增量费用”。如果“许可材料”将通过“应用程序接口”(API)传 ,The applicable Fees stated in the Work Order shall cover up to and including five million per month from Licensee to Stats Perform during the Term (5),000,000)次“应用程序接口”(API)呼叫(“基数”)。If the number of API calls per month exceeds the Base, Licensee shall pay Stats Perform an additional fee (应用程序接口(API)增量费用"), and the API Incremental Charge is calculated at a rate of US $500 (00) per additional one million (1,000,000) API calls per month for the number of API calls in excess of the Base。Stats Perform should pay for any owed "application Program Interface (API) incremental fees" to


API 呼叫次数)。“应用程序接口(API)增量费用”(如适用)应

Payable to Stats Perform thirty (30) days after Licensee receives a written invoice from Stats Perform。

  • “被许可方”应负责任何相关的信用卡服务及/或便利费。
  • The "Fees" do not include any applicable VALUE-ADDED sales tax or any other taxes applicable to Licensee,包括但不限于 据“适用法律”实施的任何税务,所述“适用法律”包括但不限于“梦幻体育法律”,所述税款将另外由“被许可方”按适用税率支付。If any taxes or amounts must be deducted from the amounts payable or paid by Licensee under this Agreement,则“被许可方”将支付这样的额外金额,To ensure that Stats Perform receives a net amount equal to what it would have received if no such tax or other deduction had been paid。Licensee will promptly forward to Stats Perform receipts, certificates or other evidence of the amount, if any, paid or payable in connection with any such withholding or deduction。


  • Stats Perform shall license licensee the Licensed Materials described in each Work Order already executed by each Party on a non-exclusive basis,The License Materials are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in each Work Order and this Agreement。
  • 未经授权的使用
  • Any use of licensed Materials inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement (including the application of work Orders) shall be deemed to be未经授权的使用”。“被许可方”不应对

Licensed Materials for any unauthorized use, and if Stats Perform determines that Licensee's activities constitute unauthorized use, Licensee shall immediately cease such unauthorized use。

  • Licensee shall take commercially reasonable safeguards to prevent unauthorized use of licensed Materials。
  • If any party to this Agreement becomes aware that any third party or Third Party Developer has improperly used, is improperly using, or is about to improperly use licensed Materials,Such Party shall immediately notify the other Party of its knowledge of such actual or potential unauthorized use,And shall provide any documents in its possession relating to the Unauthorized use to the other Party。The Parties shall cooperate to the maximum extent possible at their own expense and agree to take all actions necessary to eliminate such unauthorized use by third parties as soon as possible。
  • Licensee shall not be entitled to sublicensor, co-brand, co-market, white label, distribute, or party sell licensed Materials without the express written permission of Stats Perform,或直接或间接地通过除了本“协议”明确规定的方式以外的任何手段,以任何其他方式提供“许可材料”,The express written license shall be granted at Stats Perform's sole discretion。除非本“协议”授权,Licensee shall not translate, edit, modify or use licensed Materials, prepare derivative works of licensed Materials, or otherwise alter licensed Materials,And the Licensed Materials shall not be copied, used, distributed, or displayed in any manner that authorizes their download, reproduction, or retransmission。Licensee shall not use the Licensed Materials, or any portion thereof, to download or create documentation files in bulk。Licensed Materials shall not be copied, reproduced, retransmitted, sold, licensed, distributed, reverse-assembled, or reverse-engineered in any manner。The contents of this Agreement shall not limit Stats Perform's ability to license licensed Materials to other parties。“许可材料”不应与任何淫秽、色情、诽谤、侵犯权利(包括任何人或实体的“知识产权”)、或非法、或蔑视任何体育联盟的材料或服务(包括与“准许服务”有关者)一起组合或展示;而且不应与任何淫秽、色情、诽谤、侵犯权利(包括任何人或实体的“知识产权”)、或非法、或蔑视任何体育联盟的产品或服务一起组合或展示。Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee shall not be limited by the content of comments or opinions relating to sports leagues, clubs or federations。如果本“协议”明确准许“许可材料”的修改或编辑,则所述修改或编辑将由“被许可方”在下列情况下承担:(i)风险由“被许可方”自行承担;以及(ii)仅仅基于“被许可方”本身的判断、技能及经验。
  • 限制使用”。Licensee shall not :(a) be for any purpose other than that permitted in writing by Stats Perform,分发、供应或以其他方式提供“数据”予任何第三方(除了 据本“协议”的条款明确准许者之外);(b)发布除了列表或清单形式(除非这样的列表或清单在一篇评论中作为一说明性例 使用)的基本数据之外的多种类别的“数据”或相同类别的数据的多季节(包括累计总数),或作为除了 Stats Perform 书面准许者之外的可搜索数据库或比较工具的部份的数据之外;(c)发布与其结合、与其一起或与其混合的其他类似第三方数据、或链接至“数据”定义的“数据”(所述“数据” 定义不同于 Stats Perform 所使用者,并应要求提供给“被许可方”)。仅就本节 4(d)而言,“基本数据”是指以下类别的数据(在适用时):“出场”(Appearances)(game_started)、“代换”(Substitutions)(total_sub_off; total_sub_on)、“游戏已进行时长”(Minutes Played)

(mins_played)、“进球失球”(Goals)(goals; goals_conceded)、 “助攻”(Assists)(goal_assist)、“传球总次数”(Total Passes)( total_pass ) 、 “ 成 功 传 球 ” ( Successful Passes )(accurate_pass)、“射门”(Shots)(total_scoring_att)、“犯规被犯规”( Fouls )( fouls; was_fouled )、“黄卡红卡”( Cards )(yellow_card; total_yel_card; red_card; total_red_card)、“任意球” (Free Kicks)(fk_foul_lost; fk_foul_won)、“掷界外球”(Throw in)(total_throws)、“越位次数”(Offsides)(total_offside)、“解围次数”( Clearances )( total_clearance )、“铲球总次数”( Total


(e) “数据权利控制者条款”。以下规定适用于任何由 Stats Perform 供应的 “数据”。

  • 直接使用许可”。“被许可方”可能需要取得一“直接使用许可”。Just as an example, Football DataCo already requires an additional licence to display certain data from Football leagues in the United Kingdom。“被许可方” 将需在自行承担费用的情况下负责取得任何“直接使用许可”。
  • 第三方被委任为正式提供商”。The Data Rights Controller may appoint the Official Provider for a Event at any time during the Term。If the Data Rights Controller appoints a third party (i.e., not Stats Perform) as the Official Provider,Stats Perform may temporarily suspend or terminate the provision of Licensed Materials containing The Data to the Event Program without indemnify or liability to Licensee.。如果由

Stats Perform If suspended Licensed Materials containing the Data constitute a material part of licensed Materials under Section 4(e)(ii), the Parties will negotiate in good faith to change the level of Fees to reflect such suspension。

  • Stats Perform 被委任为正式提供商”。在不影响本节的条款(ii)的情况下,If the Data Rights Controller appoints Stats Perform as the Official Provider of a race project,则除了协商所述“费用”之外,The Parties shall negotiate in good faith the fees payable for the provision of licensed Materials relating to the Event。
  • Stats Perform shall not be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement if Stats Perform is unable to provide any portion of the Licensed Materials due to cancellation or rescheduling of any sporting event or sports league for any reason。If a breakdown of content provided by the sports league or any other third party results in a cessation of supply, the "Parties" will in good faith discuss whether substantially similar content can be provided。
  • If the Licensed Material contains any content belonging to the Associated Press (AP), it is located这里的“附件 1”的“美联社”(AP)条款及条件应适用。
  • 如果“许可材料”包含任何属于“盖帝图像”(Getty)的内容,则位于这里的“附件 2”的“盖帝图像”(Getty)条款及条件应适用。
  • If the Licensed Materials contain any PGA Tour data, it is located这里The PGA Tour terms and conditions of "Annex 3" shall apply。
  • If the Licensed Material contains any content belonging to Football DataCo, it is located这里的“附件 4”的“足球数据公司主要供应条款(FDC Key

Supply Terms)”应适用。

  • If the Licensed Material contains any content belonging to Reuters, it is located in这里的“附件 5”的“路透社(Reuters)条款及条件”应适用。
  • Licensee acknowledges and accepts that Stats Perform may from time to time be requested by the Data Rights Controller to grant Stats Perform access to its agreements with third parties。Licensee acknowledges that Stats Perform shall have the right to permit the Data Rights Controller (or its agents or representatives) to view this Agreement, including any Work Order。
  • If the Licensed Materials contain any photos/headshots, Licensee shall not use such photos/headshots for any commercial purpose (including, but not limited to, any sports game elements of the Licensed Services) or for any purpose other than those related to the other Licensed Materials。Such photos/headshots shall only be displayed by Licensee together with the specific Licensed Materials to be transmitted with such photos/headshots, provided Licensee is expressly notified to the same。
  • If the Work Order authorizes Licensee to translate the Licensed Materials into a language other than the language of the version provided to Licensee (翻译内容”),则“被许可方”应遵守以下规定:(i)所述“翻译内容”不应改变“许可材料”的基本含义;以及(ii)所有翻译应是完整及准确的。Except as expressly provided in any Work Order, Licensee shall be solely responsible for providing such Translation costs。如果所述“工作指令单”明确允许“翻译内容”,而且尽管本“协议”有任何其他规定,Stats Perform 对“翻译内容”不承担任何责任,而且如果“被许可方”的“翻译内容”引起任何诉讼因由,“被许可方”应对

Stats Perform 进行补偿。

  • Licensee shall not use the Licensed Materials in any manner other than as described herein without prior written approval from Stats Perform, and any other use shall be deemed to be an unauthorized use。为了避免任何疑问,Licensee shall not use, or authorize any third party to use, or intend to use the Licensed Materials for any betting activity,Nor shall the Licensed Materials or any derivatives thereof (such as betting odds, patterns or probabilities) be provided directly or indirectly to any third party (including but not limited to the Betting Entity) (whether a Betting Entity in a betting industry from time to time)。Licensee is providing services involving the application of fantasy Sports activities expressly authorized and specified in the Work Order,Use of Licensed Materials in accordance with applicable laws (including, but not limited to, fantasy Sports Laws and Fantasy Sports Licenses),不应被视为“未经授权的使用”。
  • 任何其他适用限制应如相关“工作指令单”中陈述者,或可能由 Stats

Perform 不时以书面方式通知“被许可方”。


  • The Parties agree that they shall cooperate with each other in providing each other with technical assistance in connection with the transmission of licensed Materials to Licensee during the Term。Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee acknowledges Stats Perform's ownership of the Licensed Materials and acknowledges that the Licensed Materials shall remain Stats Perform's exclusive and exclusive property at all times。Licensee shall be solely responsible for its own internal costs related to its receipt of Licensed Materials from Stats Perform。
  • “被许可方”确认,为了更有效或更有效率地提供“许可材料”,Stats Perform 可能需要改变传送方式;前提是,如果所述改变可能对“被许可方”的业务产 重大影响,Stats Perform will give Licensee at least thirty (30) days prior written notice。
  • 任何人将被视为通过以下位置、从其存取“许可材料”的一特定属地存取“许可材料”:(a)适用于互联网传送“许可材料”:与该属地有效关联的 IP 地址;(b)适用于移动电话传送“许可材料”:与该属地关联的移动电话号码;或(c)适用于电视传送“许可材料”:位于该属地的电视机。


  • 就“许可材料”的统计部份而言,Licensee agrees to display Stats Perform logos, as provided to Licensee by Stats Perform,而且 Stats Perform 可能不时对其进行更新)(“标志") and the following copyright notice relating to all uses of these parts of the Licensed Materials: "Stats Perform Copyright XXXX [where XXXX indicates the current year]。Commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of Stats Perform is strictly prohibited。This subsection (a) shall also apply to any comment that is Stats Perform。
  • Licensee shall not remove or otherwise modify any copyright notices and/or marks already included by Stats Perform in the Licensed Materials provided to Licensee,Further, Licensee shall not assign the name Stats Perform, the Marks, or the trademarks of Stats Perform (collectively,Stats Perform 标志") with any other words, names or materials, unless Stats Perform provides prior written consent。“被许可方”据此确认:(i) Stats Perform 乃为“Stats Perform 标志”中的一切权利、所有权及权益、以及对“Stats Perform 标志”的一切权利、所有权及权益的唯一拥有者;(ii)“Stats Perform 标志”是有效及可强制执行的;(iii)“被许可方” 使用“Stats Perform 标志”的权利唯独得自本“协议”;以及(iv)本“协议”并没有将“Stats Perform 标志”中的任何商誉或其他权益授予“被许可方”(除了按本“协议”中陈述的使用“Stats Perform 标志”的权利外)。 “被许可方”立誓其将不会直接或间接地(不论是单独或与他人一起)侵犯、质疑或采取任何行动导致质疑 Stats Perform 对任何“Stats Perform 标志”的所有权、或“Stats Perform 标志”的有效性、或妨碍 Stats Perform 在注册或维护“Stats Perform 标志”方面的努力。
  • Stats Perform 据此授予“被许可方”一非排他性全球许可,许可其在 “准许服务”上,Use of Stats Perform Flags relating only to the copying, distribution, and presentation of Stats Perform portions of licensed Materials。Licensee shall discontinue all use of the Stats Perform Mark upon termination or expiration of this Agreement。Licensee acknowledges the validity of Stats Perform Flag and Stats Perform ownership of Stats Perform Flag,And agree that any use of the Stats Perform flag should benefit Stats Perform,Further, Licensee agrees that the Stats Perform Mark shall be used in accordance with the standards and specifications originally or currently approved by Stats Perform。Licensee shall supply Stats Perform with a usage sample of the Stats Perform Mark by reasonable request from time to time,与 Stats Perform 合作,To facilitate Stats Perform quality control of licensee's materials describing the Stats Perform Mark。

Stats Perform shall, in the event that Licensee fails to make such use comply with the standards set forth by Stats Perform and set forth herein,对“被许可方”进行通知,而“被许可方”应在收到这样的通知三十(30)日内进行补救,以使 Stats Perform 满意,而 Stats Perform 不可无理拒绝批准“被许可方”的补救。If Stats Perform is not satisfied that the problem has not been remedied in a timely manner, Licensee shall discontinue its compliance

“Stats Perform 标志”的所有使用。

  • Licensee hereby grants Stats Perform a non-exclusive worldwide license to use -- Licensee's name, logo and trademarks (collectively, "Stats Perform") in connection with Stats Perform's normal scope of publicity, marketing and press release activities.被许可方标志") and license to market, publish and publicize Licensee's relationship with Stats Perform。
  • 价值的确认”。Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Stats Perform (and/or its Affiliates, Suppliers and Licensors) have made substantial investments to obtain, verify and/or present the contents of any data contained in the Services。
  • 新闻发布及通信新方案”。Within ninety (90) days of the Effective Date of this Agreement, the Parties may, individually or jointly, issue a press release in a language agreed by the Parties announcing that the Parties have established the business relationship contemplated in this Agreement。In addition, Licensee agrees, at Stats Perform's request, to participate in a mutually agreed new program of communication, which may take the form of video testimony or case studies ("通信新方案”)。Licensee hereby grants Stats Perform an exclusive, long standing, royalty-free worldwide license,License Stats Perform to use the "New Communications solution" for its marketing/publicity purposes,And Licensee hereby grants Stats Perform a non-exclusive, long standing, royalty-free worldwide license,Stats Perform licenses licensee's name, logo and trademark for its marketing/promotional purposes in connection with communications New Solutions。Stats Perform's license to use all materials from Communications New Solution shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement。
  • 权利的保留”。All Intellectual Property Rights in and to licensed Materials remain the exclusive property of Stats Perform。Licensee hereby assigns to Stats Perform any suggestions, ideas, enhancement requirements or other feedback that Licensee provides to Stats Perform regarding licensed Materials and Services。Stats Perform will own all data, software, inventions, ideas and other technical and intellectual property rights developed by Stats Perform under or in connection with this Agreement or the Licensed Materials。


(a) 当事双方所作。每一“当事方”声明及保证:

  • 其拥有签订本“协议”及完成其中预期的交易的全部权力和权限,而且其在本“协议”之下履行其义务及行使其权利时,应 据所有“适用法律”行事;以及
  • 其已经 据其选择、在律师的建议及帮助下参与了本“协议”的编撰。
  • Stats Perform 所作。Stats Perform represents and warrants that it has all necessary rights, title and/or licenses to the Licensed Materials。
  • 被许可方所作。“被许可方”声明及保证:
  • Licensee shall be solely responsible for obtaining any third party licenses or permits relating to its use of the Licensed Materials as necessary;
  • The Licensed Services and the Licensed Platform will be owned and controlled by Licensee (or its Affiliates) throughout the Term;
  • Licensee complies with and will comply with all applicable law, and Licensee will not use the Licensed Materials in a manner that violates any applicable law;
  • Except for the use of the Licensed Materials in strict accordance with this Agreement, Licensee will not use any portion of the Licensed Materials, and licensee will not edit or modify, or allow others to edit or modify, the Licensed Materials except as expressly permitted in a Work Order;
  • “被许可方”将不会基于由 Stats Perform 不时提供给“被许可方”的任何软件、算法及/或数据处理程序的全部或任何部份(包括“许可材料”)进行反汇编、反编译、逆向工程或创作衍 作品;以及
  • Licensee will use reasonable efforts to ensure that end Users will not use and/or copy the Licensed Materials for any commercial purpose, including (but not limited to) by Posting appropriate terms of use on the Licensed Services。

(d) 被许可方所作(如适用)

  • 翻译内容”。Licensee represents and warrants that it is solely responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the Translated Content and that the Translated Content does not change the fundamental meaning of the Licensed Materials。
  • 物理数据”。Licensee represents and warrants that it is solely responsible for obtaining any prior written consent, permission or permission necessary to :(1) collect physical data relating to players and their positions in the covered matches (as described in the物理数据”);以及(2)Stats

Perform 使用所述“物理数据”,以履行其在本“协议”之下的义务。

  • 梦幻体育顾客”。如果“被许可方”被视为一“梦幻体育顾客,则”:
  • Fantasy Sports Customer represents and warrants that it holds all Fantasy Sports Approvals and will maintain all Fantasy Sports Approvals。
  • Fantasy Sports Customer represents and warrants that it has the good character, honesty, integrity, and reputation applicable to those subject to fantasy Sports laws, and that Licensee's background, history, or reputation is not a factor in any applicable laws (including but not limited to Fantasy Sports laws and


  • “梦幻体育顾客”声明及保证其将不会从事未经授权的“梦幻体育活动”。


  • 除非本“协议”另有明确规定,STATS PERFORM makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Licensed Materials,And STATS PERFORM expressly disclaims any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the Licensed Materials,包括但不限于任何对适销性或特定用途的适用性的默示保证,以及交易过程或履约过程中产的默示保证。
  • STATS PERFORM shall provide licensed Materials and Services in accordance with good industry practice, without prejudice to and without derogation of any other rights or protections of STATS PERFORM set forth herein。然而,STATS PERFORM does not guarantee that the Licensed Materials and any part of the Services will be free from errors or interruptions,And STATS PERFORM any failures, delays, outages, or failures of point-to-point connections in the network connection and/or across the Internet and other networks,不承担任何责任,The failure, delay, interruption or failure may affect network connectivity and/or provision across the Internet and other networks,而且不在 STATS PERFORM 的直接控制范围之内。


(a) 在下列情况下:

  • In the event of unauthorized use of licensed Materials by Licensee or any third Party Developer Stats Perform 有权立即终止本“协议”;
  • If Licensee fails to make any payment under this Agreement when due and does not make such payment fourteen (14) days after such due date, then Stats Perform 有权:(1)终止本“协议”;或(2)在给予“被许可方”通知时(通过电 邮件即可),暂时中止向“被许可方”提供“许可材料”;以及
  • 如果“准许服务”或其任何活动或组成部份违反“适用法律”,则 Stats

Perform 有权在给予“被许可方”书面通知时终止本“协议”;

  • If the Permitted Services or any of its activities or components violate any Fantasy Sports laws and/or Fantasy Sports Approvals or any representations or warranties relating to Fantasy Sports Customers Stats Perform 有权在给予“梦幻体育顾客”书面通知时终止本“协议”。

(b) Subject to the termination rights of Stats Perform as stated above, if:

(I) thirty (30) days after giving written notice of a breach of any provision of this Agreement by another Party, other than as set forth in subparagraphs (a)(I), (a)(ii) and (a)(iii) above, involving unauthorized use, payment obligations, and violations of applicable law,如果这样的违反如以下所述,则任何“当事方”有权终止本“协议”:

  • 如果这样的违反未在上述三十(30)日内予以补救,或
  • If such breach is not easily remedied within thirty (30) days, and if the "party" to the breach does not use commercially reasonable efforts to initiate a remedy within thirty (30) days and endeavour to remedy within ninety (90) days of said written notice;
  • 在就vip威尼斯登录入口已委任一接管人接管另一“当事方”的财产(而且这样的接管人的委任未终止)、另一“当事方”已经无力偿还债务或无能力在其债务届满时偿付其债务、另一“当事方”为了债权人的利益已经进行转让、或另一 “当事方”已经在任何破产法律、无偿付能力或其他类似法律下开始诉讼或开始被诉讼(而且这样的程序在其开始后 60 日内未被驳回),给予书面通知之后,任何“当事方”有权立即终止本“协议”;以及
  • 任何“当事方”有权 据“工作指令单”中陈述的任何附加规定终止本


(c) “暂时中止”。如果发 以下情况,Stats Perform 有权在任何时候、在无需责任的条件下暂时中止提供“许可材料”:(a)“被许可方”未 据本“协议”支付“费用”(部份或全部);(b)Stats Perform 合理地相信:在不遵守本“协议”的情况下,“被许可方”正在使用、分发或提供

“许可材料”的任何部份,或从事“未经授权的使用”;(c)Stats Perform 合理地相信:任何“商业化活动”很可能侵犯(或已经侵犯)任何第三方的权利;或(d)Stats Perform 合理地相信:“许可材料”(或其任何部份)的提供已经违反:(i)“适用法律”,包括但不限于任何“梦幻体育法律”及/或“梦幻体育批准”;及/或(ii)授予 Stats Perform 或其任何 “关联方”的任何认证、准许或其他权利,或 Stats Perform 或其任何“关联方”持有的任何认证、准许或其他权利;而在两种情况的任何其中之一中,The parties cannot, acting reasonably and in good faith, agree to such changes to the Licensed Materials (or this Agreement) as may be necessary to achieve compliance。Stats Perform shall temporarily suspend its intent to license The Materials pursuant to this Section 9(c),给予“被许可方”至少三(3)日提前通知,Unless Stats Perform reasonably believes it needs to immediately suspend the Licensed Materials to mitigate any potential loss, damages or claims。暂时中止可以继续,直到

Stats Perform 合理地对相关问题的补救感到满意。

10  终止后的义务

  • 终止后的支付”。Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve Licensee of its liability to and payment to Stats Perform of any monies payable under this Agreement。In addition, if this Agreement is terminated as a result of breach by Licensee or any Third Party Developer, any and all Fees and payments shall be expedited and immediately due and paid in full

Stats Perform。

  • 附加的终止后义务”。在本“协议”的“期限”期满或本“协议”因任何原因提前终止之后:

(I) All rights granted by Stats Perform to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement shall automatically cease and revert to Stats Perform;

(ii) Stats Perform 将停止交付“许可材料”及/或服务;以及

(iii) Each Party shall safely return to the other Party or shall destroy all documents, materials and information (in any format) relating to any Confidential Information (as defined in Section 11) of the other Party。In addition, Licensee and any Third Party Developer, as applicable, shall return Stats Perform's destroyed Licensed Materials and shall ensure that Stats Perform's Third Party Developer has also returned or destroyed the Licensed Materials。在 Stats Perform 提出要求时, Licensee shall provide Stats Perform with an affidavit signed by licensee's officer or legal representative,And a certificate of full compliance with this Section 10(b)(iii) signed by an officer or legal representative of the Third Party Developer, if applicable。Upon such expiration or termination, each Party shall cease any and all use, reproduction, marketing and distribution of the trademarks, trade names, service marks, patents or other intellectual property and personal property of the other Party。For the sake of clearances, this paragraph shall not reject any agreement or condition between Stats Perform and Licensee with respect to any confidential or proprietary Information。

11  机密信息

  • 每一“当事方”同意:在所述“期限”期间或在所述“期限”之后,The Party shall not (except for the purpose of this Agreement) use any secret or confidential information, solicitation methods, confidential pricing information or any other information relating to the other Party, its business or financial affairs for its own benefit or for the benefit of any person, firm, company or other entity,Or any other information obtained under this Agreement relating to the other Party that is not known or well known in their respective industries,Or patents, trademarks, trade names, service marks, Copyrights or other "intellectual property rights" of another "Party" (collectively,"机密信息”),除非经本“协议”授权。Licensee acknowledges and agrees that all Licensed Materials are Stats Perform (and not Licensee's) Confidential Information。Each Party agrees that it shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees, agents and any Third Party Developers, as applicable, do not transmit, grant, distribute or transmit confidential Information to any third party in any manner without the prior written consent of the other Party,除非本“协议”(或任何适用“工作指令单”)明确准许。"Confidential information" shall not include any information or data described as follows :(a) generally available to the public or generally available to the public,而不是由接收方披露;(b)来自一个(据接收方所知)未因对披露方的法律、合同或信托义务而被禁止披露这样的信息的来源,在非机密的基础上可为接收方所用;或(c)由接收方在不参考披露方的“机密信息”的情况下独立开发的信息或数据。
  • Licensee acknowledges and accepts that Stats Perform may from time to time be requested by the Data Rights Controller to grant Stats Perform access to its agreements with third parties。Licensee acknowledges that Stats Perform shall have the right to permit the Data Rights Controller (or its agents or representatives) to view this Agreement, including any Work Order。
  • 不可抗力“当事各方”的任何一方都不应违反本“协议”,And if performance of the respective obligations of any of the Parties (other than payment of costs) is delayed or prevented in whole or in part by force Majeure,则无补救措施可供使用,前提是这样的受干扰的“当事方”应尽商业上的合理努力,In order to resume the performance of its obligations as soon as possible after the delay or obstruction caused by the "Force Majeure event" has ended。
  • 补偿及使未受损害每一“当事方”据此同意捍卫、保证补偿、挽救及使另一“当事方”、其股东、董事、高级职员、雇员、代理、继承人、受让人及其他代表免受产 于或vip威尼斯登录入口以下事宜而引起的任何及所有索赔、债务、损失、损害赔偿金、成本及开支(包括合理的律师费及诉讼成本)的损害:(i)一“当事方”的重大过失或故意不当行为;(ii)一“当事方”违反或不履行本“协议”的“条款 7”中包含的保证;(iii)在未获本“协议”授权的情况下,一“当事方”而使用另一“当事方”的名称、标志、商标、“机密信息”、“许可材料”(就“被许可方”而言)、或任何知识产权;(iv)就“被许可方”而言,“被许可方”的“第三方开发者”的任何疏忽或故意不当行为,或“被许可方”的“第三方开发者”的任何其他行为违反本“协议”的任何条款;(vi)就“被许可方”而言,任何“商业化活动”。


  • 责任限制
  • 除了“第 13 节”项下的责任之外,在任何情况下,No "Party" shall be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, exemplary or exemplary damages, losses or expenses, including but not limited to interruption of business, loss of business, loss of profits or loss of savings,即使该“当事方”已经获告知它们可能存在,而且尽管任何补救措施的基本目的未获实现。
  • In addition to (I) liabilities under Section 13 and (ii) any fees payable under this Agreement,And (iii) in addition to any litigation costs recoverable by the prevailing Party under Section 21(a), that is, expenses,在任何情况下,任何“当事方”的累计赔偿责任(无论是涉及合同、侵权、疏忽、严格侵权责任、或法定或其他责任)均不应超过“被许可方”在一“当事方”向另一“当事方”提出索赔的日期之前的十二(12)个月期间支付予(或应付予)Stats Perform 的与本“协议”有关的金额。
  • 衡平法救济如果发 任何对“第 11 节”的规定的违反,“当事各方”据此同意:法律救济可能并不足够,而且除了赔偿金之外,Each "Party" shall be entitled to preliminary and permanent injunctive relief (without bond) with a view to stopping a breach in progress or to preventing a breach in the future,以及有权获得对因这样的违反而产 的所有利润或利益进行的公平核算,而这些权利及救济应是累计的,而且不包括


  • 通知本“协议”项下规定的所有通知及其他通信应是书面的,而且应被视为已经在:(a)在专人交付时送达;(b)在通过挂号、要求回执、邮资预付的邮件邮寄之后三日送达;(c)在通过国家或国际(如适用)认可的保证于翌日送达的次日达快递公司发送之后一日送达;或(d)在通过电 邮件发送至“工作指令单”中陈述的电 邮箱地址之后二十四小时送达。通知将被寄送或递送至适用“工作指令单”中陈述的地址及电 邮件联系信息。任何“当事方”可不时通过书面通知另一“当事方”,改变其联系信息。
  • 创建关系“本协议”中“当事各方”的关系应仅为独立承包商而已。Nothing in this Agreement or any Work Order shall be construed to constitute any partnership, joint venture or consolidated entity between Stats Perform and Licensee,或使一“当事方”成为另一“当事方”的代理人或“关联方”,而且任何“当事方”都无权约束另一“当事方”。Stats Perform and Licensee each agree not to consider themselves a partner, joint venture, consolidated entity, agent or "affiliate" of the other party。每一“当事方”从事、而且旨在从事其本身的完全独立的业务。Each Party shall be solely responsible for determining the applicability and compliance with applicable laws (including Data protection laws, orders, regulations, regulations, self-regulatory plans and ordinances) that may apply to each Party and their respective businesses and employees。为了避免任何疑问,“梦幻体育顾客”应独自负责:(1)确定“梦幻体育法律”对“梦幻体育顾客”及其活动的适用性;(2)获取任何及所有必需的“梦幻体育批准”;以及(3)确保“梦幻体育顾客”持续遵守“梦幻体育法律”及“梦幻体育批准”。
  • 转让No Party shall without the express written consent of the other Party (the other Party shall not unreasonably withhold or delay giving such consent),Assign, sublicense, subcontract, in whole or in part, any of its rights, responsibilities or privileges contained in this Agreement,或以其他方式寻求处置或妨碍所述任何权利、责任或特权的全部或部份,例外是 Stats Perform 可以:(i)将本“协议”转让给一“关联方”;(ii)连同其全部或绝大部份资产的出售,将本“协议”转让,前提是受让方同意受本“协议”的所有条款及条件约束;或(iii)在给予“被许可方”书面通知的情况下,By granting a guarantee to any bank or other financial institution that extends any credit or similar loan to Stats Perform (or any of its "affiliates"),Transfer of this Agreement provided that such sublicense, substitution or transfer will not materially adversely affect the provision of licensed Materials,And Licensee shall execute any relevant documents that Stats Perform reasonably requires it to sign。
  • 数据保护每一“当事方”同意其应遵守其在“数据保护法律”下的义务。Licensee shall ensure that it has obtained and provided all consents and approvals and all notices and policies necessary under the Data Protection Laws for the purposes of this Master License Agreement。For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), licensed material or any part of it is deemed to be personal Data (e.g. GDPR definer) ("个人数据”)的范围内,下列规定应适用:
  • 每一“当事方”应作为一独立控制者行事(如 GDPR 的“条款 4(7)”定义者);以及
  • If Stats Perform or any of its services in the European Economic Area ("EEA”)范围内(为避免疑问,Shall be deemed to include the United Kingdom) to transmit or provide personal Data to the said Licensee,供后者在“欧洲经济区”(“EEA”)以外的管辖区进行“处理”,And if the jurisdiction is not covered by a ruling of "adequacy" by the EU Commission,则位于“附件 6”的“控制者至控制者数据保护附录”应适用。

20  报告要求If the Work Order specifies any reporting requirements for Licensee to submit a report to Stats Perform, the following reporting requirements shall apply:

  • Licensee shall forward to Stats Perform, within thirty (30) days after the end of each month, monthly statements accounting for all transactions or other payments for which license Fees are payable during the Term and for a subsequent sixty (60) period。这样的报表应详细反映在本“协议”下应付予

Stats Perform 的费用或其他增量付款的计算。

  • 账簿及记录”。Licensee shall maintain at its principal place of business independent accounts and records relating to its revenues generated under this Agreement that are necessary to determine all amounts payable under this Agreement to Stats Perform,或应保持足以便于 据“本协议”确定应付金额的账目。

21  杂项规定

(a) “管辖法律;审判地”。The governing law and venue of this Agreement shall be based on the following Stats Perform Contracting Parties used in the Work Order:

Stats Perform 的订约当事方  管辖法律                                审判地

美国 伊利诺斯州 库克县纽约州

STATS LLC (Cook County, Illinois, USA)内具有

(State of New York)


England and Wales London, England

Perform Content Limited

(England and Wales) 有管辖权的法院


Each "Party" hereby agrees to and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of any local, state or federal court located at the relevant venue and waives any right it may have to transfer the venue of any such action。Each Party waives any right to elect a jury trial of any suit or proceeding to enforce or defend its rights under this Agreement。The prevailing Party in any such action shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses from the other Party, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and paralegal fees incurred by the prevailing Party in such action。

  • 非弃权”。A waiver by one Party of liability for a breach of any provision of this Agreement by another Party shall not be deemed or construed as a waiver of any subsequent or additional breach, whether similar or dissimilar in nature, and shall not impede the exercise of any rights under this Agreement。
  • 整个协议;解释”。This Agreement supersedes any and all agreements and understandings existing to date between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof。This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and may only be amended, modified or altered by a written agreement executed by each Party。为了避免任何疑问,Any and all of Licensee's policies, terms and conditions sent or made available to Stats Perform by or on behalf of Licensee shall be deemed invalid,Regardless of whether such policies, terms and conditions were sent or provided to Stats Perform before or after the execution of this Agreement。此外,“当事各方” 已经共同编撰及/或批准本“协议”的规定所用语文。In the event of any dispute over the interpretation of any provision of this Agreement, no Party shall be deemed to have drafted it, and no such language shall be construed presumptuously to the advantage or disadvantage of any Party。本


  • 可分割性”。The provisions of this Agreement shall be severable and the invalidity of any of its provisions shall not affect the validity of the other provisions。
  • 继续有效”。Paragraphs 4(b), 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, and 21 of this Master License Agreement, any specific provisions of any Work Order, and any other provisions necessary for their interpretation, or any other provisions whose terms will survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement,应在本“协议”期满或终止之后保持继续有效。
  • 非排他性”。Licensee's right to receive and use licensed Materials will be non-exclusive in all respects。
  • 成本”。Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement, each Party shall pay its own costs and expenses in connection with the negotiation, compilation, execution and effectiveness of this Agreement and all of its subsidiary documents。
  • 监管变化”。Any regulatory change (whether imposed by a competent governmental agency or following a ruling of a competent court) that materially affects the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation any territorial restrictions,“当事各方”将真诚地讨论该监管变化的影响,并同意对本“协议”进行适当的结构调整(包括调整“费用”),以减轻这样的变化的影响。
  • 签署”。This Agreement, any modifications thereof, and any notice, document or information necessary or permitted to be given "in writing" pursuant to this Agreement may be signed and executed in multiple copies, including, but not limited to, copies of the Agreement signed on paper and electrical records signed by an electrical signature。Each executed version of this Agreement shall be deemed to be an original and all such versions shall constitute one and the same instrument。每一“当事方”放弃任何在有形媒体中体现、储存或复制This Agreement, any modifications thereof, and any notice, document or information necessary or permitted in writing under this AgreementAnd each Party agrees that an electronic copy will have the same legal force and effect as a physical copy of this Agreement signed in ink。
  • 第三方权利”。本“协议”乃为 Stats Perform 与“被许可方”之间的协议。Whether under the UK Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise,任何其他人都不应有任何权利执行本“协议”的任何规定。











附件 1 – “美联社”(AP)条款及条件

Schedule 1 -- AP Terms and Conditions



  1. “许可材料”属于“美联社”(Associated Press, AP)的部份不应保存在“被许可方” 的计算机中或存储在另一种介质中超过三十(30)日;而且属于“美联社”的照片不应在


  1. Upon receipt of a "terminate," "eliminate,"

"Retain" or "Correct" instructions, licensee will promptly process such instructions and, if applicable, replace affected materials and notify Customer of the changed status of the affected materials。这样的更换或通知应是明显的,而且应及时地通过在下列任何位置或 STATS 及/或“美联社”认为适当的任何其他位置公布进行:(a)在与原始材料出现的位置相同的位置进行;或(b)在与原始材料可通过相同路径到达的位置进行;或(c)在可通过搜索功能到达的位置进行;或(d)(如果“美联社”)在更正框中进行。Licensee shall not display any material marked or otherwise identified as "consulting," "Online," or "unpublishable.。

  1. Licensee shall not interfere with any operational DIGITAL Rights Management system/tool with respect to portions of the Licensed Materials that belong to AP and shall comply with all usage restrictions/instructions attached to any photographs provided under this Agreement。
  2. 在“期限”期间的任何时候,If Licensee does not or cannot change the presentation of content belonging to AP as requested by AP,唯独按“美联社”的指令,STATS shall have the right to discontinue providing licensee with portions of the Licensed Materials that belong to AP by giving Licensee five (5) days prior written notice。在这种情况下,STATS 及“被许可方”将真诚地讨论许可费的按比例减少。
  3. 对于所述“许可材料”属于“美联社”的部份,Licensee agrees to display the following copyright notices with the Associated Press logo (as provided to Licensee by STATS) relating to all uses of these portions of the Licensed Materials: Associated Press Copyright XXXX [XXXX indicates current year]。版权所有。本材料不可出版、广播、重写或重新散发”。"Licensee" shall also display the attribution or attribution provided by STATS to each of the following items covered by this paragraph :(I) for text :(" ap ") or "written by ap",[作者署名],随附“美联社”标志;(ii)适用于照片:加上在特定照片的标题中列出的归功于何人的说明。

附件 2 – “盖帝图像”(Getty)条款及条件

(Schedule 2 -- Getty Terms and Conditions)

附件 2 


  1. After the initial display, the portion of the Licensed Material that is part of Getty image shall not be displayed more than ten

(10) days, provided that a photograph belonging to a Getty Image may be permanently archived and displayed in the context of such original use (i.e., but not reused for any new or different purpose)。

  1. Photos belonging to Getty Images should not be used in slide shows or Photo Galleries or any other photo-only display。
  2. Licensee shall not interfere with any operational DIGITAL Rights Management system/tool that the Licensed Materials are part of Getty Images and shall comply with all usage restrictions/instructions attached to any photographs provided under this Agreement。
  3. 在“期限”期间的任何时候,If Licensee does not or is unable to change the presentation of content belonging to Getty Images as requested by Getty Images,唯独按“盖帝图像”的指令,STATS shall have the right to stop providing to Licensee portions of the Licensed Material that are part of GETTY Images upon giving Licensee five (5) days prior written notice。在这种情况下,STATS 及“被许可方”将真诚地讨论许可费的按比例减少。
  4. 对于属于“盖帝图像”的照片,Licensee agrees to display the following copyright notices and attribution descriptions relating to all uses of these portions of the licensed materials :(a) "NBA Entertainment copyright XXXX [XXXX indicates current year]。照片作者[摄影师姓名] /NBAE/Getty Images”(适用于 NBA/WNBA/NBDL 照片);或(b)“盖帝图像(Getty Images)版权 xxxx [xxxx 表示当前年

度]。。Photo by [photographer's name] /NBAE/Getty Images "(applies to all other photos)。


Appendix 3 -- PGA Tour Terms and conditions

(Schedule 3 -- The PGA Tour Terms and Conditions)

附件 3 

“美国职业高尔夫球员协会巡回赛”(PGA Tour)条款及条件

  1. Except in the text of the PGA Tour Series name (and not in its logo or pattern) as applicable,除非法律另有规定,Licensee shall not use or display any PGA Tour marks in conjunction with PGA Tour Data,Nor shall any PGA Tour logo be used or displayed in conjunction with PGA Tour Data in any other location on Licensee's website or in any other manner,Unless pre-approved by the PGA Tour each time。
  2. Licensee shall not claim, infer or imply that PGA Tour Data (PGA)

Tour Data) is "official", "active" or "live" Data, and no other assertion should be made regarding the timeliness of PGA Tour Data。

  1. 除非法律另有规定,Licensee shall display in text only the names of PGA Tour activities provided in conjunction with PGA Tour Data,或在格式或空间可用性需要的情况下,As provided or approved by the PGA Tour,Show the name of the PGA Tour event in shortened or abbreviated form。
  2. 除非法律另有规定,Licensee shall display the name of the applicable PGA Tour Event in full and proper text only in connection with PGA Tour Data,或在格式或空间可用性需要的情况下,As provided or approved by the PGA Tour,Display the name of the applicable PGA Tour Event in shortened or abbreviated form in connection with PGA Tour Data。
  3. Licensee shall not modify said PGA Tour data


  1. Licensee shall not display or use PGA Tour Data in conjunction with any obscene, pornographic or offensive content or advertising.,Nor should "PGA Tour data" be displayed or used in conjunction with any content involving alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illegal gambling


  1. Licensee shall prominently display the disclaimer "15-minute delay in display of all scores" above the PGA Tour Data;然而前提是这样的要求应受限于


  1. “被许可方”不应在向下列赞助商的竞争对手显示“美国职业高尔夫球员协会巡回赛数据”(PGA Tour Data)的相同页面上销售赞助或显示广告:(A)“美国职业高尔夫球员协会巡回赛活动项目”(PGA Tour Event)的冠名赞助商(各个称为“冠名赞助商”)(在相应的“美国职业高尔夫球员协会巡回赛活动项目”(PGA Tour Event)所在星期期间销售赞助或显示广告);或(B)“美国职业高尔夫球员协会巡回赛的赛季赞助商”(PGA Tour’s Season Long Sponsor) – 目前为“联邦快递”(FedEx)(这样的竞争对手此后统称“竞争对手”)(以这样的赞助保持永久地显示在该页面上的方式销售赞助或显示广告)。For the avoidance of doubt, Licensee may sell non-permanent advertisements (rotating banners, etc.) that may intermittently display "Competitors" on the same page as display "name Sponsor" or "FedEx";然而前提If in the reasonable opinion of the PGA Tour,The display appears to be sponsored by PGA Tour Data,The PGA Tour may require licensee to change such displayed rotation (package)



附件 4 – 足球数据公司(FDC)主要供应条款

(Schedule 4 -- FDC Key Supply Terms)

附件 4 

When Football Data and/or Schedule (as defined below) are provided as part of the Licensed Materials, Customer shall use such [Data] in accordance with the main terms of supply below。未能照做应被视为严重违反所述“协议”。

  1. No rights or obligations relating to the Football Data and/or the Schedule may be assigned or transferred to any third party。
  2. The Football Data and/or Fixture list shall not continue to be made available to any person other than the customer's end users。
  3. 任何服务或合并所述“足球数据”及/或“赛程表”的其他材料不应包含会产 以下作用的任何声明或其他材料:(i)并入色情材料者;(ii)使用脏话或亵渎神明、诽谤、冒犯、淫秽或非法者;(iii)宣传或提供任何未经授权的“足球数据公司球赛”(FDC Match)音频、视频或视听材料;及/或(iv)在不存在认可的情况下,Claim or imply to obtain DataCo, any club, FDC Event

Organiser), FDC Events or any endorsement, authorisation or approval by players。

  1. 不得擅自复制或以其他方式使用任何“足球数据”及/或“赛程表”,例如:
    • 擅自在“非评论基础”上使用任何“足球数据”及/或“赛程表”;
    • 在不存在认可的情况下,擅自使用与球员表现指数有关的任何“足球数据”及/ 或“赛程表”宣称或暗示获得“数据公司”(DataCo)、任何俱乐部、“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Event)、“足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organiser)或球员的任何认可、授权或批准。作为例 而非限制,实质上基于一个单一的“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Event)(或一个单一的“足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organiser)的多个“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Events))的一个球员表现指数将被视为进行这样的宣称或暗示

(即:而且将因此不被本条款 4(b)准许);

  • Unauthorized use of any Football data and/or Fixture list in conjunction with any fantasy/prediction match (other than "Permitted Fantasy/Prediction Use");
  • 擅自连同任何指导/侦察产品、服务或工具一起使用任何“足球数据”及/或


  • 擅自连同任何“投注用途”一起使用任何“足球数据”及/或“赛程表”;及/ 或
  • Use of any Football data and/or Fixture list on a single club basis without the valid approval of the relevant club。
  1. Do not copy or otherwise use any Football Data in a manner that implies or mimics any FDC Match and/or any player without prior approval of Stats Perform。
  2. You may not copy or otherwise use football data without proper permission or consent

公司球赛”(FDC Matches)的任何照片。

  1. Reproduction or otherwise use by DataCo, the Club or the Football Data Company Events Programme without the prior written consent of the appropriate owner of the trademark, logo, emblem or logo

Trade mark, logo, emblem or logo owned or used by FDC Event Organiser。

  1. To the extent technically and commercially feasible, any reproduction of the Fixture schedule by the Customer shall be accompanied (in reasonable proximity) by the applicable FDC Event logo。
  2. Where Football Data and/or Fixture List have official sponsorship titles, as far as is reasonably and technically feasible,


  1. To the extent reasonably and technically feasible, any reproduction of The Football Data and/or the Match Schedule by Customer shall be accompanied by references to the relevant FDC Events (S) and Football Data Company Events

组织者”(FDC Event Organiser(s))的正式赞助商。

  1. Any permitted (and/or necessary) reproduction of the FDC Event Logo/FDC Event Organiser logo made by the Customer under these Terms,Follow the applicable brand guidelines and any relevant instructions provided by Stats Perform。
  2. 所述“足球数据”及所述“赛程表”不应用于:(a)过分突出任何俱乐部或球员;或

(b)制造印象或暗示取得任何俱乐部、球员、“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Event)(或“足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organiser))或赞助商、供应商或任何前述俱乐部、球员、活动项目(或活动项目组织者)的其他商业伙伴或“数据公司” (DataCo)本身的其他商业伙伴的认可、与彼等有商业联系或正式关系(除非存在这样的认可、商业联系或正式关系)。

  1. Not in circumstances which DataCo reasonably believes would negatively affect the position, reputation or other interests of DataCo or any FDC Event Organiser or any club,复制、散播或以其他方式(任何格式及/或媒介)滥用材料。
  2. 在所述“期限”期间,Stats Perform 在所述“地区”向“顾客”授予一非专用许可,Customer is Permitted to Use and copy the Football Data and/or (subject to Paragraph 15 below) the Match Schedule for the Permitted purposes (provided that the Permitted purposes are FDC Permitted Use) in accordance with the terms of the Said Agreement。Customer acknowledges that if DataCo (or any of its successors or assigns) recommends a Direct Licensing Scheme or appoints an Exclusive Sublicensee,Stats Perform will have the right to terminate this license (or appoint an Exclusive Sublicensee) upon 30 days prior written notice,Termination of licenses relating to the relevant portion of the Territory in which the Exclusive Subordinate Licensee has been appointed),And if Customer wishes to continue to use the Football Data and/or Match Schedule supplied under these terms,Customer must obtain permission to continue using said Football Data and/or Schedule within 30 days of receipt of such a draft license agreement from DataCo or, as applicable, the relevant Exclusive affiliate Licensee,而此举可能涉及支付费用。
  3. As of the Commencement Date, the use and reproduction of the Schedule within the territory of a Member state of the European Union (EU) does not require permission or authorisation of another party to do so。The parties acknowledge and agree that, as of the Commencement Date, no licenses, obligations or restrictions contained in this Agreement shall apply to any reproduction of the Schedule within the territory of a Member State of the Eu。
  4. 在本“协议”之下,如果“顾客”有下列情况,At noon on the 14th day after Customer receives written notice from Stats Perform,Stats Perform shall have the right (and may be obligated to DataCo) to terminate the Agreement and/or suspend and/or terminate the supply of Football Data and/or Schedule to Customer:
    • “顾客”严重违反或持续违反本“附件 1”(或严重违反或持续违反本“协议”);及/或
    • After the introduction of a Direct Licensing Scheme or appointment of an Exclusive Sublicensee,“顾客”严重违反或持续违反由“数据公司” (DataCo)或(如适用)相关“排他性从属被许可方”(Exclusive Sublicensee)颁发的适用许可的任何规定;及/或
    • After the introduction of a Direct Licensing Scheme or appointment of an Exclusive Sublicensee,Customer has not obtained, complied with and/or renewed any applicable licenses issued by DataCo or, as applicable, the relevant Exclusive Sublicensee。
  5. Customer Acknowledgement: Stats Perform may be required (on a confidential basis) to disclose this Agreement (or the information contained therein) to DataCo and/or FDC Event Organiser(S),而且 Stats Perform 同意,这样的披露应被准许,且不应构成对本“协议”的违反。


适用于“足球数据公司主要供应条款(FDC Key Supply Terms)”的定义


投注用途"Means any use in connection with any form of betting or gambling (including but not limited to engaging in and/or facilitating any betting or gambling transaction, betting or gambling activity and/or betting or gambling business)。

数据公司”(DataCo) means "Football DataCo Limited"。

直接许可方案”(Direct Licensing Scheme)是指“数据公司”(DataCo)/“足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organisers)为将使用及复制所述“足球数据”及/或“赛程表”的权利直接分许可予 Stats Perform 的多个顾客(包括所述“顾客”)而实施的任何方案,所述方案可能包括支付“数据公司”(DataCo)应有权全部保留的费用。

排他性从属被许可方”(Exclusive Sublicensee) means any third party appointed by DataCo to sublicense, on an exclusive basis, the right to use and reproduce the Football Data and/or the Match Schedule in any territory outside the EU。

足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Events)是指下列每一项比赛(所述活动项目可能不时被命名、重命名及/或更换):“英格兰足球超级联赛”(English Premier League)、“英格兰足球冠军联赛”(EFL Championship)、“英格兰足球甲级联赛”(EFL League 1)、“英格兰足球乙级联赛”(EFL League 2)(包括前述“英格兰足球联赛”每一比赛的季后赛)、“英格兰足球联赛盃”(EFL Cup)、“英格兰足球联盟锦标赛”(EFL Trophy)、“苏格兰足球超级联赛”(Scottish Premiership)、“苏格兰足球冠军联赛”(Scottish Championship)、“苏格兰足球甲级联赛”(Scottish League One)、“苏格兰足球乙级联赛”(Scottish League Two)(包括前述“苏格兰职业足球联赛”(Scottish Professional Football League)每一比赛的季后赛)、“苏格兰足球联赛盃”(Scottish League Cup)、“苏格兰职业足球联赛挑战盃”

Scottish Professional Football League Challenge Cup and Other Leagues。 “足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organiser)是指“英格兰足球协会超级联赛有限公司”(The Football Association Premier League Limited)、“英格兰足球联盟有限公司” (The Football League Limited)、“苏格兰职业足球联盟有限公司”(The Scottish Professional

Football League Limited), and any entity acting as the organiser of any of the FDC Events during the Term in place of any of these organisations。

足球数据公司球赛”(FDC Match) means a football match played as part of the FDC Events。

足球数据公司准许用途”(FDC Permitted Use) refers to the purpose of "commentary", which includes news coverage, analysis or other discussion of matches under FDC Events。

赛程表”(Fixture Lists) means all or any part of any FDC Matches list。

足球数据”(Football Data) means "data" relating to an FDC Event (but excluding the "Schedule")。

非评论基础”(Non-Editorial Basis) means any non-comment use and includes (e.g. but not limited to) any use in or in connection with:

  1. 预测比赛(参加者必需付款才可参加任何这样的游戏或比赛);
  2. Any merchandise including souvenirs, collectibles, clothing, calendars, mugs, posters, refrigerator magnets, stickers, transaction cards, key rings and/or
  3. “足球数据公司球赛”(FDC Match)的任何同期音频评论。


其他联赛”(Other Leagues)是指(所述其他联赛可能不时被命名、重命名及/或更换):

“英超联赛乙组”(Premier League 2)、“职业发展联赛”(Professional Development League)、“英超预备队联赛”(Premier League Reserve Cup)、“足球联盟中央预备队联赛”(Football League Central Reserve League)及“足球联盟中央预备队盃赛”(Football League Central Reserve Cup);以及“英超 18 岁以下 1 类及 2 类足球赛”(Premier League u18 cat. 1 and cat. 2) U18 Premier League Cup, Football League U18 NW, NE, SW and SE Leagues)、“足球联盟 18 岁以下功积分区赛”(Football League u18 Merit Divisions)、“18 岁以下足球联盟盃赛”(Football League u18 Cup)、“苏格兰职业足球联盟 20 岁以下全国赛、20 岁以下东区赛

Scottish Professional Football League U20 National, U20 East and U20 West。

准许梦幻/预测用途”(Permitted Fantasy/Prediction Use) means the use of "Football Data" (other than football Data including X and Y coordinate Data, as included in Stats Perform's F24 Data) and/or customer's Schedule for non-betting fantasy football games and/or non-betting prediction games,前提是:(a)这样的游戏及/或任何相关宣传材料不应在不存在认可的情况下Claim or imply to obtain DataCo, any club, FDC Event Organiser)、“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Event)或球员的认可、授权或批准;(b)这样的游戏及/或任何相关宣传材料不应宣称或暗示它们以任何方式都是正式的及/或获正式数据支持;(c)这样的游戏及/或任何相关宣传材料不应并入任何正式“足球数据公司活动项目”(FDC Event)名称或标志;以及(d)这样的游戏不应(以“数据公司”(DataCo)的合理意见看)与任何“足球数据公司活动项目组织者”(FDC Event Organiser)的正式梦幻足球游戏及/或预测游戏竞争。


单一俱乐部基础”(Single Club Basis)是指实质上基于一个参加“足球数据公司球赛”

Any products, materials or services of a single club (FDC Matches) Attached 5 -- "Reuters" Terms and conditions

(Schedule 5 -- Reuters Terms and Conditions)



  1. 路透社内容”(Reuters Content)是指由“路透社新闻及媒体有限公司”(Reuters

News & Media Limited)或其任何“关联方”(统称“路透社") any sports video content in the "Licensed Materials" supplied to Stats Perform。

  1. 评论用途”(Editorial Use)是指有新闻价值、受公众关注、公众普遍感兴趣的、与活动项目、信息、评论及分析有关的用途;前提是“评论用途”不包括任何商业、宣传、社论式广告、背书、广告或推销用途,Or any other use without the consent of the party that would infringe the party's right of image or privacy under applicable law。
  2. 仅仅通过将所述“路透社内容”并入下列两项之内,“被许可方”获授许可使用所述“路透社内容”:(a)由“被许可方”拥有或控制的相关媒体财产;以及(b)托管于第三方社交媒体网络上的“被许可方”品牌简介及其他帐户(统称“客户财产”)。这样的许可应是非排他性、不可转让及不可分许可的,Except where Licensee is authorized by Stats Perform to sublicense the Reuters Content to an Affiliate for the purpose described above,Licensee shall, in all respects, take any action by any such Affiliate in connection with any such sublicensor (including any breach of these terms and conditions) (including any breach of the Master License Agreement by said Affiliate),对 Stats Perform 承担责任。
  3. Stats Perform or any restrictions on the use of Reuters Content by Licensee (and such restrictions are communicated to Licensee in Reuters Content, said Agreement or other document in writing) (限制”)之限,Reuters Content may be adjusted and modified as necessary to produce finished materials for the relevant Customer Property,而调整及修改可包括稍微裁 或调整静态照片的大小,以及编辑视频片段长度或将“路透社内容”与其他内容结合,前提是“路透社内容” 的评论含义未被扭曲或改变。


  1. Reuters retains its trademark, service mark, trade name, and service name on the Reuters Content, including the marks of Reuters or its Affiliates (路透社标志), and retains all rights, title and interest in the Reuters Content and the trademarks, service marks, trade names, service names -- including the marks of Reuters or its Affiliates (路透社标志”)的所有权利、所有权及权益。


  1. 所述“被许可方”应遵守任何“限制”,And the removal of items for Reuters Content by Stats Perform or Reuters in cases where Reuters reasonably believes in good faith that Reuters Content is inaccurate, misleading, contains errors or poses legal risk to Reuters (撤回”),并应提供与所述移除有关的合作。Licensee shall also be subject to any other reasonable conditions as notified by Reuters or Stats Perform regarding the use of Reuters Content。


  1. All use of Reuters Content is solely for "comment purposes" and shall be in compliance with applicable law。


  1. Reuters will be identified as the source of the Reuters Content, and no identifiers, attribution or claims of ownership provided with or included with the Reuters Content may be removed or obscured。


  1. 所述“路透社内容”是在没有任何形式的保证的情况下“照原样”提供。


  1. No Reuters Content may be stored outside the Term, except for any Reuters Content items that have been incorporated into customer property prior to the expiration or termination of the Agreement, and Licensee shall ensure that any Stored Reuters Content is promptly deleted or destroyed。


  1. Licensee shall not use the Reuters Marks without the prior written consent of Stats Perform and Reuters。


  1. Licensee shall not have any direct rights to Reuters with respect to the Reuters Content, the Reuters Marks or the Agreement。


  1. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, Licensee shall no longer receive the Reuters Content。


  1. Reuters may obtain injunctive relief against Licensee if Reuters deems it necessary to protect its rights。


  1. Licensee shall ensure compliance with the terms and conditions provided by Reuters at for displaying copyright notices, disclaimers and brand creation as set forth in HTML may be provided by Reuters (



  1. Stats Perform shall cease providing Access to Reuters Content to Licensee if Stats Perform or Reuters reasonably believes licensee is in breach of its obligations under these terms。

附件 6 – “主许可协议”的控制者对控制者附录

(Schedule 6 -- Controller to Controller Data Protection Addendum)




本“数据保护附录”(“DPA") merges the Master License Agreement between STATS Perform (as identified on any Work Order executed by the Parties) and Licensee (as identified on any Work Order executed by the Parties)MLA”)的条款,并构成所述“主许可协议”的部份。In the event of any conflict between the Master License Agreement (the "MLA") and this Data Protection Appendix (the "DPA"), this Data Protection Appendix (the "DPA") shall prevail。All quoted Chinese terms (capitalized English terms) not defined in this Data Protection Appendix shall have the meanings specified in the Master License Agreement (the "MLA")。



If STATS Perform or any of its Affiliates in the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom (UK) transmit or provide personal Data to said Licensee for processing in a jurisdiction outside the EEA,And if the jurisdiction is not provided for by the EU Commission or by another legal transmission mechanism that meets the requirements of the Data Protection Law (for the purposes of this Data Protection Appendix (" DPA ")),为一“相关数据传输"), this Data Protection Appendix (" DPA ") applies。In accordance with the standard Contract Terms communicated by the EU Commission of 27 December 2004 to third Countries that fail to ensure an appropriate level of data protection in relation to personal data ("SCCsThis Data Protection Appendix (" DPA ") sets out and incorporates the "Standard Contract Terms"。


所述“标准合同条款”(SCCs) is not modifiable, non-negotiable, and is required by the Data Protection law applicable to any relevant Data transmission。


Therefore, the Parties enter into this Data Protection Appendix (DPA) to ensure compliance with the Relevant Data transmissions




               “控制者至控制者标准合同条款”


Standard contract terms applicable to the transmission of personal data from the community to third countries (controller-to-controller transmission)


数据传 协议由

STATS Perform(如在“工作指令单”上标识者)

“工作指令单”中阐述的 STATS Perform 成立地址及国家












  • 个人数据、特别类别的数据/敏感数据、加工/处理、控制者、处理器、数据主体及监督机构/主管机构应具有与 1995 年 10 月 24 日的“指令 95/46/EC”(Directive 95/46/EC)或任何适用“数据保护法律”中所载含义相同的含义(其中“主管机构”应指数据导出者成立所在的地区中的数据保护主管机构);
  • 数据导出者应指传 个人数据的控制者;
  • The data importer shall mean the controller who agrees to receive personal data from the data exporter for further processing in accordance with these provisions and who is not subject to the regime of a third country ensuring adequate protection;
  • The terms shall mean these contractual terms which are not incorporated into commercial terms established by the Parties under separate commercial arrangements。


The details of the communication (and the personal data covered) are set out in Annexure 2, which forms an integral part of the terms。

  1. “数据导出者”的义务数据导出者保证及承诺:
  • 所述个人数据已经 据适用于数据导出者的法律收集、处理及传 。
  • The data exporter has made reasonable efforts to determine that the data importer is able to meet its legal obligations under these provisions。
  • At the request of the data importer, the data exporter will provide the data importer with copies of the relevant data protection laws or (where relevant and without legal advice) references to the data protection laws of the country in which the data exporter is established。
  • The data exporter will process personal data about the data importer from the data subject and the competent authority


  • The data exporter will, on request, provide a copy of the terms to a data subject who is a third party beneficiary under Clause 3, unless the terms contain confidential information (in which case the data exporter may remove such information)。In the event that information is removed, the data exporter shall notify the data subject in writing of the reasons for the removal and of its right to bring the said removal to the attention of the said competent authority。However, as long as the data subject agrees to respect the confidentiality of the removed Confidential Information, the data exporter shall comply with the decision of the said competent authority regarding the data subject's access to the full text of the said terms。数据导出者亦应在必需时向所述主管机构提供所述条款的拷贝。


  1. “数据导入者”的义务数据导入者保证及承诺:  数据导入者将使适当的技术及组织措施准备就绪,To protect the personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access,And the appropriate technical and organizational measures provide an appropriate level of security with respect to the risk of the processing representatives and the nature of the data to be protected。
  • The data importer will have procedures in place so that any third party (including processor) authorized to access said personal data will respect the confidentiality and security of said personal data。Any person acting under the authority of the data importer shall be obliged to process said personal data only as directed by the data importer。此规定不适用于法律或法规授权或要求对所述个人数据进行存取的人员。
  • 数据导入者无理由相信,在订立这些条款之时,存在将会对这些条款项下规定的担保产 重大不利影响的任何地方法律,而且如果数据导入者意识到任何这样的法律,The data importer will notify the data exporter (and the data exporter will relay such notification to the relevant authority as required)。
  • The data importer will process the personal data for the purposes described in Annexure 2 and the data importer is entitled to provide guarantees and perform the commitments set out in these terms。
  • The data importer will identify to the data exporter focal points within its organization that are authorized to respond to queries relating to the processing of said personal data, and the data importer will cooperate in good faith with the data exporter, said data subject and said authority within a reasonable period of time with respect to such queries。The Data exporter will be liable to comply with the provisions of Clause 1(e) if the Data Exporter is legally dissolved or if the "Parties" agree。
  • At the request of the data exporter, the data importer will provide evidence to the data exporter that it has sufficient financial sources (which may include insurance coverage) to meet its obligations under Article 3。
  • 一旦数据导出者提出合理要求,数据导入者将在获得合理通知的情况下,During normal business hours to submit data export (or derived from the data selection, and hadn't been reasonable data import is opposed to any independent or impartial inspection agency or auditors) in order to determine compliance with these terms and conditions of the guarantee and commitment for the process to review, audit and/or certificate and need data processing facilities, data, documents and files。The requirements will be subject to any necessary consents or approvals from regulatory or supervisory authorities, which the data importer will promptly attempt to obtain。
  • The data importer will process the personal data as he chooses in accordance with the data processing principles set out in Annexure 1。下列每一个数据导入者通过其以下签名,表示其同意遵守这样的原则:


The Parties agree to sign, agree to and accept these terms by signing the said Work Order and on the date indicated in the said Work Order 2(h)


  • The data importer will not disclose or transmit the personal data to a third party data controller located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) unless the data importer notifies the data exporter in respect of the said communication and:


第三方数据控制者 据“委员会”(Commission)的vip威尼斯登录入口第三国家提供适当保护的裁决,拥有所述个人数据;或

  • 第三方数据控制者成为这些条款或由“欧洲联盟”(EU)内的主管机构批准的任何数据传 协议的签署者;或
  • 在获知所述传 的目的、所述类别的接收者以及数据向其导出的国家可能有不同的数据保护标准的事实之后,数据主体已被给予反对机会;或
  • vip威尼斯登录入口敏感数据的再次传 ,数据主体已明确表示同意所述再次传 。


  1. 责任及第三方权利

  • Each "Party" shall be liable for damage to the other "Parties" resulting from any breach of these provisions。“当事各方”之间的责任仅限于实际遭受的损害。Punitive damages (i.e., damages awarded to punish a "party" for outrageous conduct) are expressly excluded。Each "Party" shall be liable for damage to data subjects resulting from any breach of its third party rights under these provisions。这并不影响数据导出者在其数据保护法律下的责任。
  • The Parties agree that the data subject is entitled as a third party beneficiary to enforce this clause against the data importer or the data exporter for a breach of their respective contractual obligations with respect to their personal data

And clauses 1(b), 1(d), 1(e), 2(a), 2(c), 2(d), 2(e), 2(e), 2(h), 2(I), 3(a), 5, 6(d) and 7, and the Parties accept the jurisdiction of the Data exporter to establish a country for this purpose。在涉及指控数据导入者违规的事例中,数据主体必须首先要求数据导出者采取适当行动,以针对数据导入者执行其权利;如果数据导出者未在合理期限内(一般情况下为一个月)采取这样的行动,则数据主体可接着直接对数据导入者执行其权利。The data subject has the right to directly Sue the data exporter who fails to use reasonable efforts to determine that the data importer is capable of performing its legal obligations under these provisions (the data exporter shall have the burden of proving that reasonable efforts have been made)。


  1. 适用于所述条款的法律

These terms shall be governed by the laws of the country in which the data exporter is incorporated, except for the laws and regulations relating to the data importer's processing of personal data under Clause 2(h), which shall apply only if the data importer chooses to do so pursuant to clause 2(h)。

  1. 与数据主体或主管机构之间的争议的解决

If a data subject or competent authority has a dispute or claim against either or both of the Parties concerning the processing of personal data, the Parties will inform each other of any such dispute or claim and will cooperate with each other with a view to amicably resolving such dispute or claim in a timely manner。

  • The "Parties" agree to respond to any generally available non-binding conciliation proceedings initiated by the data subject or by the competent authority。If the Parties participate in the proceedings, the Parties may elect to do so remotely (e.g. by telephone or other electrical means)。The Parties also agree to consider participating in any other arbitration, mediation or other dispute resolution procedures developed for data protection disputes。
  • Each "Party" shall comply with the ruling of a competent court or competent authority in the country in which the data exporter was established, and such ruling is final and no further appeal is possible。


  1. 终止

  • If the data importer breaches its obligations under these terms, the data exporter may suspend the transmission of personal data to the data importer until the said breach is corrected or the said contract is terminated。
  • 如果:
    • 数据导出者已依照段落(a)暂时中止向数据导入者传 个人数据超过一个月;
    • 数据导入者遵守这些条款将会使其违反其在导入国的法律或监管义务;
    • 数据导入者严重或持续违反其在这些条款下作出的任何保证或承诺;
    • 数据导出者成立所在国家的有管辖权的法院或主管机构所作出的不能进一步上诉的终局性裁决裁定数据导入者或数据导出者已经违反所述条款;或
    • 数据导入者申请接管或清盘(无论是以个人身份还是以企业身份进行申请),而该申请未在适用法律规定的驳回适用期限内被驳回;法院颁布清盘令;接管人已被委任对数据导入者的任何资产进行接管;破产托管人已被委任,如果数据导入者为个人;数据导入者已开始一公司自愿偿债安排;或任何等效事件在任何司法管辖区内发

;则数据导出者(在不损害其对数据导入者可能拥有的任何其他权利的情况下)应有权终止这些条款,在这种情况下主管机构应在必需时获通知。In cases covered by (I), (ii), or (iv) above, the data importer may terminate these terms。

  • 如果下列情况发 ,则任何“当事方”可终止这些条款:

Any "Commission" falls under "Article 25(6)" of "Directive 95/46/EC" (or any superseding text),颁布与数据导入者将所述数据传 到其中并进行处理的国家(或其一区域)有关的正面充分性裁定;或

O Directive 95/46/EC (or any superseding text) becomes directly applicable to such countries。

  • “当事各方”同意,在任何时候、在任何情况下及无论出于什么原因,Termination of these provisions (except where they are terminated under Clause 6(c)) shall not release the Parties from their obligations and/or conditions under these provisions in connection with the processing of transmitted personal data。


  1. 这些条款的变更

The Parties shall not modify these terms except for the purpose of updating the information contained in Annexure 2, in which case the Parties will notify the competent authority as necessary。这并不妨碍“当事各方”在必需时添加附加的的商业条款。

  1. vip威尼斯登录入口传输的说明

所述个人数据的传 的细节见“附录 2”(Annexure 2)。“当事各方”同意,“附录 2” (Annexure 2)可能包含机密商业信息,而它们将不会向第三方披露所述机密商业信息,Except as required by law or in response to a disclosure by a regulatory or governmental agency with jurisdiction or as required by Section 1(e)。 The "Parties" may sign additional appendices to cover the additional communication, and such additional appendices will be submitted to the competent authority as required。As an alternative, Annexure 2 May be drafted to cover multiple passes 。

The Parties agree that by signing the Work Order and on the date indicated in the Work Order, the Parties agree and accept the Standard Contract Terms (SCCs”)包括“附录 1”(Annexure 1)及

“附录 2”(Annexure 2的约束。

             (数据处理原则)

  • Limitation of purpose: Personal data may be processed and subsequently used or further transmitted only for the purposes described in Annexure 2 or as subsequently authorized by the data subject 。
  • 数据品质与恰当性:个人数据必须准确而且在需要时保持最新状态。个人数据必须充分、相关,而且就其传 及进一步处理之目的而言并不过度。
  • Transparency: To ensure fair processing, data subjects must be provided with the necessary information, such as about the purpose of processing and about transmission, unless such information has already been given by the exporter。
  • Security and confidentiality: Data controllers must adopt technical and organizational security measures appropriate to the risks involved in data processing, such as measures to place accidental or illegal damage or accidental loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access。


Any person acting under the authority of the data controller (including the processor) may not process the data except as directed by the data controller。

  • Right of access, right of correction, right of deletion and right of objection: Article 12 of Directive 95/46/EC,数据主体必须(直接或通过第三方)获提供一组织持有的vip威尼斯登录入口他们的个人信息,Except where requests are judged to be clearly abusive on the basis of unreasonable time intervals or their number, repeatability or systematic nature, or where access need not be granted under the national law of the data exporter。Unless prior approval has been granted by the competent authority, granting access need not be granted where the rights of the data importer or other organizations with which the data importer has dealings may be seriously prejudiced (and such rights are not overruled by the rights of the data subject to fundamental rights and freedoms)。The source of personal data does not need to be identified where the source of personal data cannot be identified through reasonable efforts or where the rights of persons other than the said individual would be violated。Data subjects must be able to correct, modify or delete personal information about them if the personal information about them is inaccurate or if the processing of such personal information contravenes these principles。If there are compelling reasons to doubt the legitimacy of these requests, the organization may request further justification before proceeding with corrections, modifications or deletions。If a disproportionate effort is required to notify a third party of any correction, modification or deletion, no such notice is required to be given to the third party to which the data has been disclosed。Data subjects must also be able to object to the processing of personal information if they have a compelling legitimate reason for their particular situation。The data importer bears the burden of proof for any refusal and the data subject can always challenge the refusal before the competent authority。
  • Sensitive Data: The data importer shall take such additional measures (e.g. involving security) as are necessary for the protection of such sensitive data in accordance with its obligations under Article 2。
  • Data for marketing purposes: When data is processed for direct marketing purposes, there shall be effective procedures in place to allow data subjects to "opt out" at any time for their data to be used for such purposes。
  • 自动化的决定:就本协议而言,"Decision" automation should be to point to by export data or data to the importer, the data produced legal effectiveness or significant impact on the data subject and completely based on the personal data - designed to to evaluate certain personal aspects of the subject about the data (such as their work performance, credibility, reliability, behavior, etc.) of the automatic processing of the decision。数据导出者不应对数据主体做出任何自动化决定,除了在下列情况下之外:

(a) (i) 这样的决定是由数据导入者在其与数据主体签订或履行合同时作出;以及

  • (ii) The data subject is given the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the relevant automated decision with representatives of the Parties who have made such a decision or who have otherwise addressed the Parties。

  • 数据导出者的国家法律另有规定。

附件 2(处理信息)

  1. 数据主体

传 的个人数据涉及以下类别的数据主体:

Personal data (as defined in the Master License Agreement) contained in the License Materials, including personal data relating to athletes, track and field athletes and related sports professionals。

  1. 传输的目的

The transmission is for the use of the personal data by the data exporter for the purposes set forth in the Work Order and Master License Agreement (MLA)。

  1. 数据的类别

传 的个人数据不时涉及下列类别的数据及其他类别:



  1. 接收者

传 的个人数据仅可向以下接收者或以下类别的接收者披露:


  1. “数据导出者”的数据保护注册信息将应要求提供。
  2. 额外的有用信息


  1. 用于数据保护查询的联络点