自2011年以来, 克里斯·巴德兰在职业生涯中一直参与精英球员的招募,现在他来到了考文垂市, 他在哪里招生办主任.

克里斯的职业生涯开始于沃尔夫汉普顿流浪者队作为技术侦察员,然后是新兴人才的负责人. 最近, he was Head of European Scouting for Norwich City before joining Coventry City this summer.

在这篇博客, 他告诉vip威尼斯登录入口非英超俱乐部在执行海外招募战略时所面临的挑战.


When you breakdown recruitment across all current first-team Championship squads, you will find that more than one in five players have been recruited from abroad.

总共有138名球员是从英伦三岛以外的联赛中招募的. 五年前,这个数字是92.

So it is pretty clear that more clubs are looking abroad to bring in players. Part of the reason is because the domestic market is pretty saturated, 是什么让俱乐部更难在国内招人. 优秀的英国球员身价不菲,下赛季联赛的本土球员配额增加时,这种情况只会进一步增加.

That said, this doesn’t mean you should be going into European markets all guns blazing. 你的首要目标是寻找符合你英格兰标准的球员, 因为他们在球场内外都是已知的数量,不需要太大的变动.

然而, before you even start looking at devising your recruitment strategy, 无论是在国内还是国外, 你需要建立五个关键的东西:


说到哲学, this is more than simply establishing your manager’s preferred formation and way of playing. 阵型现在倾向于在控球内外以及根据你的打球风格进行互换, 每个职位都有其特定的kpi.

你还需要知道俱乐部的继任计划. 哪些球员通过俱乐部的系统,他们中的任何一个会在短期和中期成为一线队的一部分? It is vitally important that the club protects these players’ pathways, so you don’t want to recruit a player which is going to block that.


考虑到一个典型的冠军俱乐部的资源, it is very difficult to know everything about every player in every European league. 如果你想这么做, there is every chance you will become a jack of all trades and the master of none.

就我个人而言, I prefer to identify specific markets which are realistic to your club, 在哪里你能够支付费用和工资,而不是与经营更高水平的俱乐部直接竞争. You then need to know these competitions in-depth: every player in every team. This even goes for the players who may not be on your current radar.

每个联赛都是不同的, 所以你的位置信息和他们的kpi将会告诉你你关注的联赛类型.

例如, 荷兰和西班牙都是技术性很强的联赛,比赛的节奏和你在法国看到的不一样, 这是一个技术联盟,但在球场上对球员的身体和运动要求更高. There is also a case for targeting specific leagues for different positions, 所以如果你在市场上寻找一个技术数字10, 你可以看看荷兰或西班牙. 如果你想要一个能从禁区到禁区的中场球员, 你可以看看法国, or if you want a player with leadership qualities you may look at 德国.

趋势分析是识别联盟的另一种方法, by establishing where players are moving from with success. 然而 as we have seen since the success of Mahrez and Kante at Leicester, 国外球员的要价, 即使是在低级联赛, can become inflated when a selling club knows that an English club is interested.

这意味着如果你想在法国取得成功,你就必须更早地识别玩家. If you can afford to have scouts on the ground you can start assessing players from 17, 18 or 19 years old when they start appearing for the B teams in the lower leagues. The same thing goes for young players in 西班牙, 德国 and Holland too.

强调这些国家的重要性, 以下是目前英冠俱乐部最受欢迎的海外市场,以及五年前从这些国家招募的球员数量的对比:

的国家招聘 2012/13 2017/18
法国 10 19
西班牙 12 15
德国 2 14
葡萄牙 4 14
荷兰 1 13
意大利 9 10
比利时 5 8

例如, 如果你想找一个攻击型后卫, you can start comparing players based on their final third entries, crosses into the box and their number of forward passes. To compliment that tactically, you may also be looking for a creative winger who cuts inside.

虽然听起来很简单, 热图可以让你直观地看到一个球员在多个比赛中在哪里创造了机会, 所以你可以区分传统的边路球员, 拥抱的边线, 从一个在内场游荡的人. 这也是一种向更广泛的球探和决策团队展示球员这些特征的有效方式.

Examples of two different types of emerging winger in Ligue 2 this season. The map on the left displays all the take-ons of Didier Lamkel Ze, 丹尼尔·曼奇尼在右边. As we can see, Mancini has fewer take-ons from wide positions within the final third.

当然,你的球探继续评估玩家的生活也是很重要的,数据在两个方面是非常有益的. 首先, 数据可以突出多款游戏的关键表现趋势,而这些趋势可能在一次性表现中被忽略, vip威尼斯登录入口可以在内部使用数据来生成vip威尼斯登录入口自己的报告,然后在整个部门共享, highlighting the best performing players each month relative to our KPIs.

在大多数情况下, vip威尼斯登录入口的球探已经很熟悉这些球员了,但也有可能出现一些新兴球员取得了他们之前没有取得的分数的情况,然后你就可以开始建立一个勤奋的过程来客观地深入评估这些球员. 这是一个很好的例子,展示了数据和实时侦察是如何相互配合的.

以及性能属性, 与当地的联系人联系也很重要,他们能给你提供有力和可靠的信息. 你必须明智地利用时间,不要把时间浪费在俱乐部无法触及的市场上追逐球员.


Whilst data is vitally important in helping you filter down players, I believe that your scouts are the foundation to which you are going make rounded, 很明智的决定.

I like different opinions, so I want as many of my scouts as possible to assess a player. 一个人可能会看到其他人错过的东西,这让你在这个过程中提出重要的问题.

Obviously as a Championship club it is very likely you are going to have budget constraints, so it is very difficult to see overseas players live regularly, 除非你在国内有侦察兵. Therefore you have to do a lot of your preliminary work on video.

To do this effectively, your scouting coordinator is vital. They typically sit right in the middle of the department, acting as the link between the head of recruitment and the scouts. They will establish the matches to watch and then post-weekend, provide a summary of key information shared with senior management.

They also need to ensure the scouts’ information is specific to our positional profiles.

在组织出国旅行时, 当你选择游戏时,你必须注意这是你不可能每周都做的事情, we need to make sure we come back with information which enhances decision making. 这意味着游戏必须具有竞争性和相关性.


如果你想在招聘上取得成功,你就需要在招聘方法上保持长寿. You cannot chop and change your philosophy or your KPIs. That means that in best practice, the recruitment should always be club-led.

作为一个部门, 您通常需要提前处理两个传输窗口,并为不同的场景进行规划, 比如晋升或降级. 如果您需要对流程进行任何更改, 因为管理层的变动, you want them to ideally be small tweaks as opposed to wholesale change.

外部因素也会影响招聘过程. 例如, player agents are a big part of football whether you like it or not, 所以你必须保持良好的人际关系. 如果他们找你的俱乐部找球员, you want your department to already have an archive of information.

不幸的是,这是生活中的一个事实,每一次转移都将伴随着风险, especially if you are bringing in a player from another country. All you can do is ensure you have done as much diligent work as you can. 这不仅与性能数据分析和球探有关,也与场外信息有关.


同时我认为方法需要俱乐部主导, it is absolutely vital that the manager or head coach is fully engaged with the process.

理想情况下,你希望进入一个只有3到4名符合你要求的球员的候选名单, 这样他们就可以发表意见了. If for whatever reason they don’t want any of the players, you then look for alternatives.

The manager may also come to you with a player they like, 然后,由你来将他们与你已经确定的球员进行比较,并提供你是否认为他们能够满足所需要的角色的意见.

Daily communication across departments is also vitally important. 回到继任计划上来, 重要的是,招聘主管要了解球员在青训营的进展情况,以及可能对招聘策略产生的任何连锁反应.

一个挑战仍然是掌握所有来自主要海外市场的日常信息. 所有的信息都集中存储和归档,协调者的工作是审查和标记市场的任何重大发展.


在这个过程的最后, you want to be able to put together a dossier where all your boxes are ticked. 这个位置vip威尼斯登录入口需要一名球员吗? 他是否勾选了vip威尼斯登录入口位置资料上的所有关键绩效指标? 他符合vip威尼斯登录入口的哲学吗? Are the scores from his scouting assessments consistently high? 他人品好吗? 他会来找vip威尼斯登录入口吗? vip威尼斯登录入口能请得起他吗?

Ninety-nine percent of scouting is actually about ruling out players, 所以当你推荐球员时, 你要把它作为勤奋的结果, controlled process based on the key objectives defined from the outset.